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guia como instalar [ROM] JB 4.1.2[stock] SAVVYROM V5.1 no Lg Optimus G E977

O objetivo deste rom é dar ao usuário uma rom limpa e estável para uso diário sem perder a interface do usuário original e aplicativos úteis da LG.

Recursos SAVVYROM:

- Based on stock 4.1.2vD
- Fully deodexed
- zipaligned
- busybox installed on system/xbin
- init.d support
- rooted
- Debloated
- modified Liberty Kernel to work on e975 by Evolutionmods (sound enhance, gamma control, overclocked and more)
- Some build.prop tweaks to improve battery life and scrolling
- aosp keyboard added (removed stock)
- Increases quality of photo (edited media_profiles.xml) thanks to Epic
- using black status bar with Qslide omitted thanks to bleached45
- edited dcm_settings.xml to disable fast_dormancy thanks to jonasl (this will vary on your network carrier, to see the list of carrier you can open apns-conf.xml then edit the dcm_sttings.xml before flashing. Just use winrar or similar software to open the zip.
- added 2 new themes thanks to VeNuM
- etc


- more language available
- added some apps (LG email app and Weather widget)
- new init.d scripts
- auto calibration
- auto zipalign on boot data/app and system/app
- optimize SQlite databases of apps

- fixed the lag issue in v2
- more battery friendly (see it for yourself) thanks to Hero
- kernel was changed from liberty to stock kernel (smoother and better on my opinion)
- google search removed
- Data speed increased (wifi/3g/4g) thanks to MДЯCЦSДИT

- Rebuild using v10G
- Option to turn off shutter sound on the camera app
- Added G2 keyboard
- Added G2 flashligh widget
- Supersu updated to the latest version
- Removed some google apps (you can install it manually)
- Camera slightly improved thanks to droidmk and crwolv
- Added modified thermald to throttle cpu when temperature is high thanks to Lrod0175
- Added modified init.qcom.post_boot file with cpu0 awake and sleep script thanks to Lrod0175
- Added modified mpdecision to wake cpu3 and cpu4 at max speed when needed instead of min speed thanks to Lrod0175
- Added OpTimuS butter script for launcher and system apps thanks to Lrod0175
- Added new init.d scripts to help improve performance and battery
- Edited build.prop to improve performance and battery
- Edited stock kernel (init.d support)
- Lessen kernel wakelock (i.e GTALK_ASYNC_CONN)
- Modified thermald.conf for better cpu temperature
- Deleted useless libs from lib folder

- reworked from 10v H
- touch response improved
- busybox problem fixed
- added g2 keyboard with numbers (fc in keyboard handwriting fixed)
- build.prop edited to make it more smooth and battery friendly
- notification fixed (3rd party apps notifications are now working) thanks to darwich for reporting this issue
- init.d scripts edited
- added some system apps (polaris and video editor)
- fixed telephony issue
- 5x4 launcher with search bar removed
- acid sound mod implemented (balanced bass sound) stock has too much bass which makes the sound ugly. (Working with stock music app)
- Better and very basic black status bar with brightness slider removed (missing languages from systemui was fixed - thanks to artit for reporting this problem)

- did some file changes to eliminate the lag issue from v5
- init.d tweaks to improve battery and smoothness
- hiddenmenu option was removed from this build
- removed acid mod ( flash it by yourself if you want this feature )
- edited build.prop to avoid redundancy and cleaned up the codes that are not useful)
- deleted some files that are not import

Você assume todos e qualquer risco em realizar qualquer procedimento em seu aparelho. 


Bootloader desbloqueado


Vindo de outra ROM 

  1. Faça um backup NANDROID
  2. Wipe System, Data, Cache, and Dalvik Cache
  3. Flash ROM
  4. Reboot system


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